Recovery of Benefits from Compensation

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If you are getting a social security benefit and have had an accident, an injury or a disease for which someone else is to blame your compensation may be affected

The Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU) recovers social security benefits in certain compensation cases and NHS costs in certain injury cases

The CRU works with insurance companies, solicitors and DWP customers, to recover:

  • Amounts of social security benefits paid as a result of an accident, injury or disease, if a compensation payment has been made (the Compensation Recovery Scheme)
  • Costs incurred by NHS hospitals and Ambulance Trusts for treatment from injuries from road traffic accidents and personal injury claims (Recovery of NHS Charges)

Registering a compensation claim

Compensators who receive a claim for compensation must send form CRU1 to the Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU} within 14 days to register the claim. Registering the claim does not mean that you have accepted liability for the accident, injury or disease.

Please include a National Insurance number on form CRU1 to help to:

  • decide if there are any recoverable benefits
  • deal with urgent certificate requests

Acknowledgement of your registration

Yu will be sent an acknowledgement form when you register a claim. You will need to return this acknowledgement form to us when you apply for a certificate.

Transfer of responsibility

If you are a solicitor who has taken over responsibility for a case that has already been registered, send form CRU1 (Sol). If you subsequently return responsibility to the insurer, please send form CRU1 (Rep).

CRU e-service

You can use the CRU e-service if your company cannot use any of the following services:

  • CRIF (Cache PI)
  • Experian (Claims Underwriting Exchange (CUE))
  • Insurance Services Office (ISO – Claims Outcome Adviser)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Please do not use the CRU e-service if your company already has another electronic link with CRU.

Go to the Compensation Recovery Unit e-service

How it works

Compensators and their representatives can use the CRU e-service to:

  • request a certificate for a claim that has already been registered
  • notify the result of a claim that has already been registered
  • check a previous e-service transaction

A certificate will be sent by post to the address held for the compensator within 28 days of receiving the request.

Contact the CRU e-service

If you have any questions about the CRU e-service please phone 0191 22 52021. If you have a hearing or speech impairment, the Text Relay number is 18001 0191 225 52021.

How to make a CRU payment

You’ll be asked to make payments to the Department for Work and Pensions DWP Compensation Recovery Unit CRU once the claim is settled.

DWP CRU bank account to be used for payments

Account name
Sort code
Account number

DWPCRU 403418 62201720

Email addresses for remittances

Please provide the CRU reference when you email a remittance slip to the CRU to tell us a payment is being made. Or you can provide the CRU reference with the payment.

Email addresses to be used to send remittances to are:

Contact CRU

We take calls from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Our phone number will be at the top of any letter we send you.

If you have a speech or hearing impairment our office has the Text Relay facility. The Text Relay number will be at the top of any letter we send you. The Text Relay number will be 18001 followed by the phone number.

Contacts for claims that have been registered


Request certificate 0191 22 52359 High volume certificate team Notify settlement Settlements team National recoupment team 0191 22 47720 National recoupment team Personal injury claims 0191 22 52383 0191 22 52366 CRU assessments Disease claims 0191 22 52435 0191 22 52955 CRU specialist operations Clinical negligence claims 0191 22 52960 0191 22 52446 CRU NHS cases 0191 22 52588 0191 22 52309 CRU NHS enquiries Reviews 0191 22 52352 0191 22 52343 CRU reviews Dispute resolution team and reviews 0191 22 52333 0191 22 52102 Dispute Resolution team

Customer Service Managers

If you have spoken to one of the contacts above but were not happy with the level of service you received, you can speak to one of our Customer Service Managers.


Compensation and personal injury cases Ian Merrie 0191 224 7615 John Oxenham 0191 225 2200 Disease and clinical negligence Joanne Hughes 0191 224 7639 NHS cases Joanne Hughes 0191 224 7639 Dispute resolution team and reviews Kevin Connolly 0191 224 7827 Customer feedback team manager Lynda Lyall 0191 224 7819

Customer feedback team

Subject Phone Email Feedback on guidance and legislation 0191 22 52485 CRU customer feedback

Data protection and Freedom of Information

Request for personal information (subject access requests) and Freedom of Information FOI) requests.

Phone Fax Email 0191 22 52237 0191 22 52189 CRU data protection and FOI


Compensation Recovery Unit
Durham House
Tyne and Wear
NE38 7SF

Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

See the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Compensation Recovery in Northern Ireland

See the Department for Social Development in Northern Ireland.

Guidance and forms

Guidance and forms for compensators and their representatives.

  1. Compensation Recovery Unit forms

    • 25 March 2015
    • Form
  2. Recovery of benefits, lump sum payments and NHS charges: technical guidance

    • 9 June 2015
    • Guidance
  3. 2008 Diffuse Mesothelioma Scheme: information for personal injury claims managers

    • 1 May 2013
    • Guidance


Information for Compensation Recovery Unit customers including compensators, their representatives and personal injury claims managers.

  1. Compensation Recovery Unit bulletins

    • 20 March 2015
    • Guidance

Northern Ireland

The following contact details should be used when the injured person lives in
Northern Ireland only.
PO Box 2136

Phone number: 0300 123 1030
Fax: 028 9037 4768