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Alternative Treatments and Remedies for Health Conditions and Impairments and for Maintaining Good Health and Wellbeing

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Acne Treatment Products Choose from a range of acne treatments and buy them discreetly online.

Anti-Ageing Products Products to help reduce ageing. Help with reducing wrinkles, scars, signs of ageing of the skin, skin diseases, and easing of joints and arthritis.

Arthritis Joint Pain Products for the relief of arthritis joint pain, joint inflammation problems and keep joints healthy.

Candida Management A wide range of products which may help with Candida management, Candida Albicans overgrowth syndrome (Candidiasis), Candida - Products, What it is and other information.

Colon Cleansing Products Dietary supplements giving an effective colon cleanse for a healthier body and lifestyle.

Depression and Low Mood Products Helpful Herbal & Nutritional Products for Depression and Low Mood.

Diabetes (Hypoglycaemia) and Sugar Craving Products Nutritional and herbal products to help with blood sugar imbalance and sugar craving problems.

Digestion Products Digestive aids help you get the most from your food if you are disabled, have a disorder or need nutritional help.

Eye Health Various tablets, drops and ointments to help if you suffer from dry eyes, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, allergies.

Fertility Test Kits Home fertility test kits could help you to reach your goal of starting a family much quicker.

Flu - Anti Viral - Colds - Immune System Products used to combat colds and viruses, and which may stimulate the immune system to fight off infections more effectively.

Glucosamine A range of vegan Glucosamine Supplements For Joint Health.

Halitosis - Bad Breath Products to help with the embarrassment of bad breath.

Hair Loss Products Silica Plus and Oxygen Elements Plus often help enormously with reversing hair loss or poor nail condition.

Hay Fever Remedies Products that can help to remedy the symptoms of hay fever, the name commonly given to allergic rhinitis.

Herbal Pain Relief Products Products to help relieve or ease Stiff Joints, Aches and Pains caused by arthritis and other conditions. Lotions, Moisturisers, Creams and Balms for application and massage.

High Cholesterol Treatments Helping maintain normal cholesterol levels as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatments Help with IBS symptoms, characterised most commonly by cramping, abdominal pain, bloating and intermittent diarrhoea often alternating with constipation.

Immune System Help maintaining a healthy immune system or one weakened by age,disability or illness.

Kidney Health Herbal products to help revitalise and detoxify your kidneys of impurities to maintain performance.

Low Male Libido Lack of male libido or sex drive can be attributed to either psychological or physical causes.

Lyme Disease Help with Lyme Disease which is a serious and stubborn illness.

Memory Maintenance Enhance the body's ability to maintain optimal brain functioning, memory, cognition and improve blood flow to the brain.

MSM Products which may be beneficial to you health.

Natural Sugar Substitutes - Sweeteners Delicious natural alternatives to sugar and low glycaemic index sweeteners. Lessen your sugar intake while still catering for your sweet tooth.

Parasite Management Products Parasites may exist in the human body and organs including the brain, heart, lungs. The benefits of interrupting the damage being caused and protecting yourself from further invasion are obvious.

Penis Enlargement Enhancement products include pills, penis enlargement pumps and extenders, and further treatments such as creams, oils and patches.

Piles - Haemorrhoids These all-natural creams and capsule products aim to provide you with effective, fast and safe relief.

Premature Ejaculation No need to feel inadequate when premature ejaculation treatment is readily available.

Probiotic Products to Aid Health and Wellbeing Probiotics available as dietary supplements and nutritional therapy. They can be used as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

Prostate Health Products Products that may help with prostate enlargement in men, and urinary frequency problems and infections in both males and females.

Sexual Health Products Help giving sufficient blood flow critical to arousal and sex for both men and women. Natural vaginal moisturiser to enhance personal intimacy.

Skin Infections These can be treated and we have a range that can be delivered quickly and discreetly.

Sleep - Relaxation For sufferers of insomnia or other sleep and relaxation issues this range of herbal remedies may be helpful.

Stress and Anxiety Products Products Helpful in the Reduction of Stress and Anxiety. Including: B Vitamins - Magnesium - Herbal Remedy - licorice Formula- Vitamins B12 - Vitamin B6 - Folic Acid - Biotin.

Sweating Buy products for excess sweating (perspiration) causing embarrassment and self consciousness.

Threelac and Fivelac Threelac and Fivelac to combat candida yeast problems, digestive problems, fatigue, and many other health problems

Thrush Products Capsule, cream and spray treatment for male, female and oral thrush.

Thyroid or Adrenal Problems Herbal products to help with thyroid or adrenal deficiency problems.

Vaginal Health Products that may reduce vaginal thrush or thrush on the skin.

Weight Loss Products Products to help with Weight Loss and Dieting Including Slimirex.