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A Disabled Living Centre (DLC) is where you can get free and impartial information and advice about products and equipment for disabled or older people. At a DLC you can see and try out products and explore other solutions. Centres provide free information to people in person, by telephone, letter or email.
There are centres in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Assist UK leads a UK wide network of locally-situated Disabled Living Centres. Each centre includes a permanent exhibition of products and equipment that provide people with opportunities to see and try products and equipment and get information and advice from professional staff about what might suit them best of all.

There are over 325 advisors throughout the network who respond to an average ¼ million enquiries made each year.

Disabled Living Centres also provide a valuable source of information relating to access, design and equipment for daily living. This can be especially useful to carers, older people and healthcare workers, students and manufacturers


South of England and Wales

Central England and Northern England

Scotland and Northern Ireland