Big Button Phones and Amplified Phones

Buy big button telephones including mobile phones, smartphones and telephones with ringing and voice amplification for disabled people and the elderly who have problems with sight, blindness, hearing or hand dexterity.

There are big button phones with safety features such as panic, SOS and emergency alarms.

Phones suitable for people with hearing aids and phones with picture/photo buttons helping people with cognition and memory issues.

For people with severe hearing difficulties there are phones with a strobe light alert and pillow shaker to indicate an incoming call.

Disability and Communication Aids Including:
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Big Button Telephones

Geemarc Dallas 10 Big Button Corded Telephone- UK Version

Big Button Corded Telephone Desk/Wall Mounted in White/Black (White)

Geemarc CL1100- Extra Loud Corded Big Button Amplified Telephone – UK Version

BT Big Button 200
Corded Telephone –

Geemarc PHOTOPHONE 100 Loud Big Button Photo ID Corded Telephone- UK Version

Doro 331ph Big Button Corded Telephone – White

Geemarc Amplidect295 Amplified Cordless Telephone with Answering Machine and CID – White- UK Version

Additional Handset for Geemarc AmpliDECT295- Amplified Cordless Telephone with Integral Answering Machine – White – UK Version

Big Button Corded Telephone Desk/Wall Mounted in White/Black (Black)

BT 4600 Big Button Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone with Answer Machine (Trio Handset Pack)Single – Twin Set – Trio

Doro 6379 Amplified Corded Telephone

Geemarc AMPLIPOWER 40- Very Loud Amplified Big Button Corded Telephone- White – UK Version

Plug In Audible & Visual Telephone Call Alert With Flashing Light & Loud Ringing Tone – Suitable for Noisy Environments & The Hard Of Hearing – CEA-50 By Connected Essentials


Doro 311c Phone Easy Telephone

Doro 311c Phone
Easy Telephone

Telephone Clearsound Ringer Amplifier

Telephone Ringer
Amplifier & Flashing

Telephone Amplifier

Telephone Amplifier



BT Decor 2600 Advanced Call Blocker Corded Telephone, White

Geemarc PHOTOPHONE 100
Loud Big Button Photo ID
Corded Telephone
– UK Version

Picture/Photo Buttons

Geemarc CL555- Amplified Big Button Telephone with Talking Functions and Answering Machine- UK Version

Big Button Phones at Amazon

Big Button/Amplified Smartphones

Switel eSmart M2 Amplified Smartphone
Switel eSmart M2 Amplified Smartphone
Doro 8035 Amplified Smartphone
Doro 8035 Amplified Smartphone

Doro 8040 4G SIM-Free Mobile Phone – Black

Doro 8040 16 GB UK SIM-Free Smartphone – White

Doro Liberto 820 Mini SIM-Free Smartphone – Black/Steel

Doro 6708 Liberto 820 Mini 3G UK SIM-Free Smartphone – Ruby/Black

Big Button Mobile Phones

Binatone M250 Big Button GSM Phone – Black

Denver GSP-110 Big Button Mobile Phone For Elderly – Unlocked Senior Mobile Phone, SOS Mobile Phone, Senior Mobile Phone with Talking Numbers, Bluetooth, and Torch

Denver Big Button GSP-120 Senior Mobile Phone with SOS Quick Call Button, SIM Free Unlocked, Torch & Radio

TTfone Mercury 2 Big
Button Basic Senior
Unlocked Sim Free Mobile
Phone with Dock – Black

Amplified Mobile Phones

Amplicomms PowerTel M6350 Big Button Amplified Mobile Phone

Geemarc CL8360- Amplified Mobile Phone with Talking keypad , Caller ID, and Camera- UK Version

Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell SIM-Free Mobile Phone with Dual LCD Display and Camera, UK Version

Amplicomms PowerTel M7510-3G Big Button Amplified Flip Mobile phone