Talking Clocks and Watches for Deaf, Blind or Visually Impaired People

Buy analogue and digital talking watches and clocks. Making telling the time easier for deaf, blind or visually impaired people.

Talking clocks, alarm clocks and travel clocks designed especially for the visually impaired and blind. Some products have different sounds, pillow shakers and flash lights to alert the sleeper when it is time to wake up and also products that tell the date.

Analogue and digital talking watches and watches with clear, large faces to assist the visually impaired. The voice functions announce the current time and can also help the user set the time. The watches
have various finishes, designs and straps.

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Talking and Loud Alarm Clocks

 Talking Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock (Talking)
Talking Cube Clock

Talking Cube Clock

Thoughtfully Designed Talking Button Clock, 70 mm

Digital Alarm Clock, Talking Clock with 3 Alarms 7 Sounds Optional Weekday Alarm

Communiclock talking clock – from RNIB

Talking Cube Alarm Clock. Grey/Yellow Comes with 4 x AA Batteries

Sonic Bomb SBB500SS Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker- UK Version

Sonic Alert Junior Sonic Bomb Extra Loud Alarm Clock with vibrating shaker pad – UK Version

Analogue Dementia Care Day / Night Clock

Analogue Dementia Care Day / Night Clock

Wake ‘n’ Shake Vibrating Alarm Clock

NRS Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock

Reflex Talking LCD Digital Alarm Clock For Blind and Partially Sighted 908-3103

Talking Watches – Clear Time Watches

Lifemax/RNIB Ladies Talking Atomic Watch 407.2 with Strap

W8a Talking Watch with Expanding Bracelet

NRS Healthcare Big Digit Talking Watch Mens (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

NRS Healthcare Big Digit Talking Watch Ladies (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

Ladies Radio Controlled Talking Watch with Leather Strap (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

Lifemax/RNIB Men’s Talking Atomic Watch 407 with Strap

Newest English Talking Watch For The Blind And Elderly Or Visually Impaired People

English Talking Watch for Blind People or Visually Impaired People

Verbalise Medication Reminder 5 Daily Alarm Radio Controlled Talking Watch Silver (English Speaking)

ATOMIC Talking Watch – Sets Itself FIVE SENSES unisex Talking Watch (SENS-RCTK-P201-13)(M104)