Nebulisers for Drug Administration via the Lungs

Nebulisers are devices used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. Choose from a selection of nebulisers ideal for home, hospital and clinic use.

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Travel nebulisers, micro nebulisers and rechargeable nebulisers.

Frequently asked questions about nebulisers:

Q. Can bronchodilators,anti-inflammatories and inhaled steroids all be used in the same system?
A. Yes, although you should use the appropriate sidestream or ventstream nebuliser chambers.

Q. What’s the difference between a sidestream and a ventstream chamber?
A. The difference is in the design of the nebuhsation chamber Sidestream chambers can nebulise all commonly prescribed bronchodilators. Ventstream has been designed for the delivery of inhaled steroids or antibiotics, in addition to a reliever.

Q. How often should nebulisers be serviced and by whom?
A. It is suggested that machines be serviced once a year by an authorised dealer.

Q. What’s the difference between an inlet and an outlet filter?
A. An inlet filter filters the outside air from any dust particles that may be present, before it enters the nebuliser unit. The outlet filter filters the pressurised air flow before it enters the nebuliser chamber via the tubing.

Q. How often should the inlet filter be changed?
A. At least every three months.

Q. How often should the outlet filter be changed and by whom?
A. The outlet filter needs to be changed less often than the inlet filter, perhaps every 9-12 months.

Q. How often should the nebuliser tubing and mouthpiece/mask be changed?
A. Every three months.

Q. How should the nebuliser and mouthpiece/mask be cared for?
A. Both should be washed in warm soapy water and left to dry thoroughly, about once a week.

Q. When is it more appropriate to use a mouthpiece rather than a mask?
A. Usually this is a matter of patient preference, but a mouthpiece can be used to deliver nebulised steroids and to deliver nebulised anticholinergics in patients with glaucoma.

In patients with glaucoma, protection of the eyes is advised during administration of antichohnergics

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Omron CompAir Pro Nebuliser
Omron CompAir Pro Nebuliser
A compact, lightweight mains-operated nebuliser
Omron NEU22E MicroAir Nebuliser
Omron NEU22E MicroAir Nebuliser
Ultrasonic and portable nebuliser that offers optimum mobility.

Omron NE-C28P Compressor Nebuliser – White
Medix Econeb Home Nebuliser
Medix Econoneb Nebuliser

Omron NE-C801/KD CompAir Nebuliser Children’s Edition