Safety Alarms and Panic Alarms

Safety Alarms, Panic Alarms and Alerts for Disabled People, the Elderly and Children.

Home safety alarms, panic alarms and alerts for the care and support of disabled people, the elderly and children. Useful to detect falls and other emergencies.

Products including:
Talking smoke and carbon monoxide detector, deb exit alarms,wireless calling alarms, telephone alert easy, fall alarms, disabled toilet alarms, child alerts, sensor mats, panic alarms, pager, wrist worn panic alarms, emergency buttons and bath temperature alerts. Also telephone with remote emergency buttons and key safes.

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Lifemax Home Safety Alert

Lifemax 672.1 Mains Adapter for Home
Safety Alert

Home Safety Alert Carer
Call & Panic Button System

NRS Border Patrol Safety Beam
Wandering Alert

Voice Alert Falls Prevention and Wandering Monitor (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

Lifemax Auto Dial Panic Alarm with Two Panic Buttons

Wireless bed exit alarm with long term bed sensor pad (no alarm in patient’s room.

Wireless Smart Caregiver Personal Pager System Emergency Care Alarm Call Button Nurse Alert System With 1 Buttons for Elderly Nurse Patient (1 For 2 )

Fdit Wireless Alert Call Help Button Transmitter and Receiver for Elderly Patient Pregnant Children 3 Operating Modes

NRS Healthcare Large Premium Padded Sensor Mat For Falls/Wandering Monitoring Length 760 mm (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

Geemarc CL11 Telephone Ringer Amplifier with EXTRA BRIGHT LED – White- UK Version

SureSafeGO 2 ‘Anywhere’ Alarm: GPS Tracker Fall Alert Alarm for Seniors/Elderly/OAP/Dementia/Alzheimer’s. Old Person Pendant SOS Tracker.

Fall Saver Alarm And Sensor Mats
Fall Saver Alarm & Sensor Mats
Wrist Worn Panic Alarm

Wrist Worn Panic Alarm

Long Range Home Safety Alert Pager

Long Range Home Safety
Alert Pager

Telephone Clearsound Ringer Amplifier

Telephone Clearsound Ringer Amplifier

Homecare Alert And Wireless Doorbell

Homecare Alert And
Wireless Doorbell

Magnetic Door & Window Open Alarm

Magnetic Door & Window Open Alarm

Wall Mounted Panic Alarm

Wall Mounted Panic Alarm

Home Safety Alert Alarm
Home Safety Alert Alarm

[Safety Alarm] BESTOPE® Patient Alert Alarm System Kit Wireless Alarm Emergency Pager Safety Elderly Monitors for Old People Security Pager

Water Leak Alarm – Water / moisture / flood detector sensor – can also be used as safety device to prevent bath or sink overflow

Secure Key Safe
Secure Key Safe Permanent
Large Key Safe

Large Key Safe