Travel Pillows for Neck, Head and Back Support


Travel Pillows for Neck, Head and Back Support

Buy Travel Pillows for added comfort when travelling in a car or by plane. Support and pressure relief for disabled people and the elderly on long journeys such as long haul flights.

Disability aids helpful for sufferers of arthritis, spinal conditions and discomfort when sitting.

Products including: Neck Support Pillows, Inflatable Pillows, Travel Sets

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Inflatable Travel Pillow

InflatableTravel Pillow
Ideal for the tired traveller

Trtl Pillow – Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow – Machine Washable Grey

Design Go “The Sleeper” Fleece Travel Pillow (Burgundy)

Aidapt Teal Super Soft Velour Luxury Firm Memory Foam Neck Support Cushion

Therapist Kneeling Mat
Therapist Kneeling Mat

J Pillow Travel Pillow – Winner of British Invention of the Year 2013 (Navy)

Pink Microbead Aeroplane Plane Car Travel Soft Neck Pillow Extra Comfortable Micro Bead Head Rest

Inflatable Neck Pillow

Tempur Original Travel Pillow 31cm x 25cm x 10cm –
Shaped from TEMPUR Material Perfect for Travelling –
The Only Pillow Recognised by NASA and Certified by The Space Foundation

Tempur Comfort Travel Pillow 40cm x 26cm x 10cm –
Shaped From TEMPUR Material Perfect For Travelling –
The Only Pillow Recognised By NASA And Certified By The Space Foundation

Tempur Transit Pillow

Tempur Travel Set

TRIXES 2 x Blue Inflatable Pillow Camping Travel Soft Blow-Up

Go Travel – Design Go Travel Pillow

Go Travel Memory Foam Luxury Travel Pillow Supplied in Assorted Colours

Motionperformance Essentials Blue Velour Comfort Memory Foam Neck Support Cushion (Travelling, TV, Reading)