Wheelchair Cushions for Pressure Relief, Support and Comfort

For wheelchair users cushions can often significantly improve posture, support, comfort and give pressure relief to prevent pressure sores.

A wide selection of wheelchair cushions in sizes and designs to suit a variety of wheelchair users needs

Buy from a range of wheelchair cushions Including:
Cushions in canvas, vinyl or nylon, Jay cushions, covers for jay cushions, wool fleece cushions, waterproof cushions, economy, foam, Flo-Tech, Sero, coccyx, lowzone, padded wheelchair set and wheelchair armrest cushions

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Aidapt Vinyl Cushion
18 x 16 x 2 inch
Memory Foam

Angel Mobility Fitted Wheelchair Cushion Seat Pad Pressure Relief Chair 18″ x 16″ x 2″
Wheelchair Cushion Canvas Or Vinyl
Cushion Canvas
Or Vinyl
Wheelchair Cushion Nylon
Cushions Nylon

Standard Wheelchair

Togu Airgo Wheelchair
Back Cushion

Sero Deluxe Pressure
Cushion (No cut outs)

4″ Vinyl Memory Cushion 18″
Wheelchair moulds to the
body’s shape easing

Chair Nest (Suitable for Chairs & Wheelchairs) FLEECE

Ability Superstore Luxury Wheelchair Gel Cushion 15″ x 18″ x 3″

Pure Wool Fleece Top Mobility Cushion

Pure Wool Fleece Top

Economy Fleece Top Mobility Cushion

Economy Fleece Top


Waterproof Wheelchair Seat Pad

Waterproof Wheelchair
Seat Pad

Lowzone Pressure Care Mobility Cushion

Lowzone Pressure Care

High & Medium Risk Wheelchair Cushions
from Dan Medica South Ltd

Pressure care products ranging from high-risk
air cushions & mattresses to medium-risk
Polyurethane Gel products:

Click here for
Gel Cushions

Click here for
Air Cushions

Wheelchair Armrest Cushions (Pair)

Wheelchair Armrest Cushions

Wheelchair Pillow Set

Padded Wheelchair Set

Dunlopillo Ring Cushion

Dunlopillo Ring Cushion

Matrx Flo-Tech Contour Wheelchair Cushion

Flo-Tech Contour
Wheelchair Cushion

Matrx Flo-Tech Image Wheelchair Cushion

Flo-Tech Image Wheelchair

Matrx Flo-Tech Lite Wheelchair Cushion
Flo-Tech Lite Wheelchair
Matrx Flo-Tech Solution Wheelchair Cushion

Flo-Tech Solution Wheelchair

Matrx Flo-Tech Plus Wheelchair Cushion
Fol-Tech Plus Wheelchair

Sero-Bony Parts Mobility Cushion

Sero-Bony Parts Cushion

Sero- Huff Cushion

Sero- Huff Cushion

Sero-Coccyx Cushion

Sero-Coccyx Cushion

Sero Deluxe Cushion

Sero Deluxe Cushion

Jay Basic Cushion

Jay Basic Cushion

Sero-Standard Mobility Cushion

Sero-Standard Cushion

Jay 2 Cushion

Jay 2 Cushion

Jay 2 Deep Contour Wheelchair Cushion

Jay 2 Deep Contour

Jay 2 Standard & Deep Contoured Replacement Cover
Jay 2 Standard & Deep
Contoured Replacement
Jay Care Wheelchair Cushion

Jay Care Cushion

Jay Care Replacement Cushion Cover

Jay Care Replacement

Jay Basic Replacement Cushion Cover
Jay Basic Replacement
Cushion Cover

Portable Chair/
with removable
navy cotton cover
16″ x 19″ x 4″

Harley Comfort
Plus Pressure
Relief Cushion

Harley Proform Pressure
Relief Cushion – Coccyx

Wheelchair Chair Cushion / Memory
Foam Relief Fitted With A 2 Way
Stretch Vapour Permeable Cover.
Can be used For Armchair &