Keyboards and Computer Aids for Disabled People

Keyboards and Computer Aids for Disabled People

Special needs keyboards and disability aids for using keyboards and computers if you have an Impairment or disability. The keyboards here may aid access to a computer when standard keyboards prove difficult to use. For adults and children with sight, cognition and dexterity problems

Products Including:
Typing Aid, Large Font Keyboard, Double Size keys and Coloured Keys Keyboard, High Contrast Keyboards, Typing Mouth Stick, Mouse and Keyboard Wrist Supports and Large Print Keyboard Stickers

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Mouth Stick
Mouth Stick

Geemarc Multimedia Big Letter Keyboard with Large White Alpha/Numeric Keys – UK Version

IMAK Smart Glove Thumb and Wrist Support

Allsop Wrist Assist – Ergonomic Wrist Rest for Support & Flexibility

Duragadget Colourful Kid’s Proof Childrens, Special Needs
or Sight Impaired PS2/USB PC Keyboard

Large (double size), clear and bright keys enable easy identification
and use of the keyboard by children or anyone with special needs / impaired sight

Playlearn Special Needs Children’s Computer USB Keyboard – UPPER CASE & LOWER CASE – Colour Coded SEN

Large print keyboard stickers – white on black

Large print keyboard stickers – black on yellow