Wheelchair Tyres and Wheelchair Inner Tubes

Tyres and Inner Tubes – Spares and Replacements for Manual & Electric Wheelchairs

Inner Tubes including:
high pressure, Presta Valve, standard valve, off set valve.
Tyres including: heavy duty, power, manual, transit, block square, block, scallop, block round, scallop two, lined, rib, grey longwear, Primo, Cross Court, Silver Bullet, Passage, Raver, V-Track Knobby, puncture proof.

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Wheelchair Inner Tubes

Inner Tube “High Pressure With Presta Valve”

Inner Tube “High Pressure With Standard Valve”

Inner Tube “Off Set Valve”

Inner Tube With Standard Valve

Wheelchair Tyres

Heavy Duty “Power” Tyre

Tyre ” Manual-Transit”

Tyre “Block Square”

Tyre “Block”

Tyre “Scallop”

Tyre “Rib”

Tyre “Block Round”

Tyre “Manual”

Tyre – “Lined Rib”

Tyre “Grey Longwear”

Tyre “Primo Cross Court”

Tyre “Primo Racer”

Tyre “Primo Silver Bullet”

Tyre “Primo Passage”

Tyre “Primo V-Track Knobby”

Tyre “Puncture Proof”