Bottom Wipers and Bidets


Products for those who need a little help cleaning themselves after toileting. The bottom wipers hold the toilet tissue and there are models designed for one handed use. The bidet bowls are portable and are easily placed in and taken out of the toilet. They convert standard toilets to a bidet/wash toilet. These toilet aids can help a disabled or ill person have the dignity of using the toilet independently and hygienically.

Folding Bottom Wiper, SelfWipe Toilet Aid, Buckingham Easywipe, Portable Bidet, Toilet Splash Guard.

see also: Washing Aids and Bathing Aids and Urine Bottles and Bed Pans

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Portable Bidet

Portable Bidet

Buckingham Easywipe Bottom Wiper

Buckingham Compact Easywipe

Buckingham Compact Easywipe

Bottom Wiper (Folding)

Bottom Wiper (Folding)

SelfWipe Toilet Aid

Patterson Medical Bottom Buddy Bottom Wiper

Toilet Aids Tools,Long Reach Comfort Wipe,Extends Your Reach Over 15″ Grips Toilet Paper or Pre-Moistened Wipes

Ability Superstore Folding Bottom Wiper

Homecraft Bottom Wiper

Medipaq® PORTABLE BIDET – Hygienic Personal Care – For Home or Holidays

Portable Personal Washing Bidet Bowl Toileting Aid

Homecraft Savanah Splash Guard, Urine Deflector Guard with Clip to Easily Attach to Toilet Seats, Seated Position Commode Guard for Deflecting Liquid Downward to Prevent Accidents, Easy to Clean