Piles or Haemorrhoids – Treatment Products

Products aimed at relieving the symptoms of haemorrhoids, more commonly known as piles, which are embarrassing and uncomfortable and include bleeding, lumps, itchy skin and swelling on or around the anus.

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Anusol Cream 43g

Anusol Cream 43g
effective, soothing relief from the pain and discomfort associated with haemorrhoids (piles), itching, fissures and other related anal conditions.

Anacal Rectal Ointment 30g

Anacal Rectal Ointment 30g
Can be used to treat perianal eczema, pruritus, anal fissure, proctitis, periproctitis and aftercare of haemorrhoids treated by surgery or injection

Preparation H clear gel 50g

Preparation H clear gel 50g
Provides cooling relief from sore skin associated with piles. It is a unique, non-greasy gel containing natural, soothing ingredients.

500Cosmetics Intest – Natural Capsules to Prevent Hemorrhoids – Improves Circulation and Combats Constipation – for Men and Women.
Food supplement to prevent haemorrhoids
Intest Pills 
are anti-constipation capsules made from natural ingredients with draining and beneficial properties that help the normal functioning of digestive enzymes and facilitate soft stools, being an ideal complement to reduce and prevent haemorrhoids, calming irritation and reducing inflammation. Prevent the appearance of haemorrhoids. Eliminates pain, inflammation and irritation caused by haemorrhoids. Improve blood circulation. Heals and regenerates the skin.

Fast Relief Cream Anal Fissures, Hemorrhoids, Anal Eczemas, Pruritus ANI – 100% Natural Plant Extracts Piles Oinment – Paraben Free
Simply The Fastest & Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Pain, Itching, & Discomfort Caused By Haemorrhoids!
Our haemorrhoid treatment cream was made to help people find fast and lasting relief from the unbearable burning, itching, and pain caused by haemorrhoids. Unlike other haemorrhoid treatment capsules or pills, our fast-acting natural haemorrhoid treatment cream helps solve the problem from the root to provide quick and lasting pain relief so that you can live your life without being tied down.

Germoloids Hemorrhoid Treatment & Piles Treatment Suppositories, Triple Action with Anaesthetic to Numb the Pain & Itch, 55 g, 1 Pack of 24

– Contains a local anaesthetic for fast cooling pain relief

– Relieves itching

– Shrinks piles

– Eases bowel movement

– Suppositories deliver a measured dose of medicine at the site of irritation